ROCBEach Hospitality Application

We are excited that you have chosen to submit your application with ROCBeach Hospitality.  ROCBeach manages and operates as 3 different locations in the greater Chattanooga area; Ceniza, C-Lounge, Red Sauce and Embargo '62. Please submit your application in it's entirety.  By submitting your application online, you are allowing ROCBeach to inquire on the contents of your application.  Our application submission is reviewed for selection for both of our locations.  Even if you submit a resume, you must still fill out an application online
Thank you again for your interest in a career with the ROCBeach Hospitality family. 


Current Openings


Bartender (Embargo 62)

All Positions (Red Sauce)

Kitchen (Ceniza)

Bartender (Ceniza and C-Lounge)

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